PLEASE NOTE: Deluxe sukkahs will be subject to a 2$/linear foot fee due to transportation fee increases. Please click here for details

Why get the Deluxe Fabric Sukkah?

While many different versions of fabric sukkahs have been manufactured over the years, The Sukkah and Schach Center, have patented the deluxe version, an enhanced version of the fabric sukkah, to meet specific needs. Our team was able to engineer sturdier metal poles without compromising on the lightweight structure of a regular fabric sukkah. The fabric has been improved to resist winds and rain even in more northern places such as Canada. The walls are water and mildew proof. The sukkah has mehadrin straps that allows the creation of a lavud (halachically acceptable wall). The FREE storage bag allows for a very easy and convenient storage option. The assembly requires no tools and takes less than 1 hour on average. And yes, the price is unbeatable too!

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